We’ve got the experience, team and knowledge to help you start your own lodging business or grow your current one.

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Alpine Pacific Properties is your Vacation Rental Consultant.  Whether you have one property or multiple, we’re here to help you make the most revenue possible!

Starting your own lodging business involves many things, not just building a few cabins and thinking they will come.  You want to get the biggest bang for you buck, you want them to be filled all season long, you want to make the guests experience an amazing one, and you don’t want to work yourself to death.  All of thos things and more is where we can come in to help!  We’ve learned along the way and now, we want to share our knowledge with you and help make your dreams come true too!

City & County Regulations

Before your start building, have you checked to see if you’re zoned for this?  Have you submitted the paperwork to get a business lodging license?  Have you formed an LLC?


Marketing your business is important for cashflow and marketing your property effectively means your rental should always be filled.  We will create a marketing plan with you, which will set you up for success!

Civil Engineering

You have in mind how many structures you want, but how will you provide water, sewer, electricty, etc to them?  What will it cost?  We have an engineering firm that we work with to answer these questions and more!


What do you want this new business to do for you?  What kind of experience do you want your guests to have?


We know what vacationers are looking for AND how to make it easy for the cleaning staff and repair man.  Tiny homes, to tree houses, we will create a design that not only benefits you, but the guest and your vendors.  The design of these is going to be much different than the design of a home that a family resides in 24/7/365.

Property Management System

Where will people be able to book your place?  Will you only choose one platform like Airbnb OR will you purchase a PMS (Property Management System).  We will give you the pros and cons to both and the cost.

How Much Could My Business Gross In The First Year?


This price is dependant on the number of cabins, homes, rooms and amenities that you will have.  If you decide to start with 3 and they can sleep between 2-4ppl, you will earn more.  This number also depends on your location too!  Your proxmity to attractions or maybe attractions that you offer.

Managing Vacation Rentals located in Kalispell, Lakeside, Somers, Bigfork, Whitefish, and the entire Flathead Valley of Montana.

Care, Communication & Dedication

We care about your property as much as we do our own!  We set our standards high for ourselves and also the tenants. We believe communication is key and it is the most effective way to guarantee that all parties are on the same page.  We dedicate ourselves to providing a great experience for the owner and the tenant!  Nothing is more important than making sure all parties are happy and satisified.