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Let us take care of managing your long term rental property so you can enjoy life by having the free time that you deserve!

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How Do We Manage Your Property?

Alpine Pacific Property Management specializes in comprehensive long-term rental property management services. We go beyond a mere signed contract, offering an array of solutions to efficiently oversee your rental property. Trust us to handle all aspects of managing your long-term rental property with utmost professionalism and expertise.
Property Rental Marketing


Marketing your rental is crucial for maintaining cashflow and ensuring consistent occupancy. At Alpine Pacific Property Management, we understand the importance of effective property marketing. That’s why we utilize professional photography and a comprehensive online presence through our website, social media platforms, and rental listing applications. Rest assured, with our marketing expertise, your rental property will always be in high demand.
Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

For the protection of your properties, Alpine Pacific Property Management conducts thorough screening of every tenant application we receive. Our intensive screening process includes comprehensive background checks and reference verification. By implementing these measures, we ensure the selection of responsible tenants who will prioritize the safety and well-being of your property.
Rental Property Inspection

Property Inspection

Before a tenant moves in and when one moves out, Alpine Pacific Property Management will conduct a property inspection in collaboration with the tenant. Our aim is to ensure that your property is maintained in the same condition as when it was originally rented. We also adhere to Montana laws that allow us to conduct inspections while tenants are residing in the property, whenever necessary. Property Inspection.
Rental Property Maintenance Kalispell Whitefish Montana

Property Maintenance

Making sure everything on your rental property is working and functioning properly is crucial, whether it’s vacant or not. At Alpine Pacific Property Management, we prioritize routine inspections to ensure compliance with the law. Additionally, we promptly address tenant requests and efficiently coordinate repairs while keeping you informed every step of the way. Trust us to handle the maintenance of your property seamlessly.


Rent is a critical aspect of property management, and at Alpine Pacific Property Management, we are dedicated to ensuring that your rent is collected on time. Our team follows the necessary Montana laws to guarantee the timely receipt of rent payments. Additionally, we prioritize efficient processing of your income, swiftly disbursing it to your account. With our reliable rent collection services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your financial matters are in capable hands.
Rental Financial Reports

Financial Reports

Each month, Alpine Pacific Property Management will provide you with comprehensive income and expense reports. These detailed reports are designed to simplify and alleviate any stress during the tax season. Trust us to keep your financial records organized and make your tax preparation a breeze.
Eviction Notices

Eviction Notices

No part of evicting a tenant is easy or stress-free. At Alpine Pacific Property Management, we understand the challenges involved in the eviction process. Rest assured, we will handle every aspect of the eviction process on your behalf, providing you with regular updates along the way. Trust us to take care of your eviction needs.
Legal Guidance

Legal Guidance

Alpine Pacific Property Management is committed to adhering to the laws set forth by the Montana Board of Realty Regulation. We prioritize legal compliance to ensure the utmost satisfaction and peace of mind for our clients.

Alpine Pacific Property Management, specializing in the management of long-term rentals, proudly serves the Kalispell, Lakeside, Somers, Bigfork, Whitefish, and entire Flathead Valley of Montana.

Care, Communication & Dedication

We care about your property as much as we do our own!  We set our standards high for ourselves and also the tenants. We believe communication is key and it is the most effective way to guarantee that all parties are on the same page.  We dedicate ourselves to providing a great experience for the owner and the tenant!  Nothing is more important than making sure all parties are happy and satisified.